Si, Se Puede! Latino Voters Say Adios To John McCain

Uh-Oh. The already grim outlook for John McCain’s White House aspirations
just got a little darker, er lighter. Hispanic voters–previously one of McCain’s strongest demographic groups–appear to be fleeing the straight-talk express at a rapido pace.

But where are they all running to you ask? Surely not to that godless celebrity terrorist Muslim Barack Obama.

Yes, it is true. Despite the Democrats poor track record with Hispanic voters in past elections, Latinos are suddenly going loco for Obama, helping Obama secure the broadest support from Latino voters of any Democrat in a decade.

On the flip side, John McCain has not fared quite so well. In fact, recent polls show McCain struggling to capture even 30 percent of the Latino vote, a far cry from Bush’s historic 40% in 2004.

I guess Bush and McCain really are different after all!

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