Don’t Worry Planet, Mr. Adorable To The Rescue!

The President At His Finest

After a very long day of flubbed inauguration oaths, never-ending parades, and boring balls where he and Michelle were forced to perform endless slow dances for the adoring crowds, Barack Obama finally got to take a load off.

Yes, even when undoing his tie, exhausted and drained, America’s new president still manages […]

Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!!

Eight long, dreadful years and this is what we get?

Blah, blah, blah, 9/11, terrorism, thank you Dick, thank you Condi, been a real pleasure servin’ y’all these last 8 years keepin’ America safe and all, good luck to the O-man, I know everyone’s excited about making history, should be fun, let’s just hope his luck’s […]

Barack Obama: "A Mutt Like Me"

What Furry Friend Will The Obama’s Choose?

Two wars, an economic crisis, rising unemployment, terrorism, the list of problems facing America goes on and on.

Even though Barack Obama is not officially sworn in as President until January 20, he decided to go ahead and start acting presidential a little earlier, piecing together his cabinet and assembling […]

Finally, Something We Can All Agree On

I’ve gotta hand it to that Palin chick. She manages to bring together people at a time when unity is scarce and fierce partisan divides dominate nearly every issue.

Yes, America has finally found something that Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, Democrats, Republicans, (and even Libertarians!) can all agree on:

Sarah Palin is a very attractive, fascinating woman who […]

Bush Doing What He Does Best–Acting Presidential

I hate the administration of George W. Bush more than anything. I literally shudder at most of his policy decisions and find his whole presidency disastrous. The fact that this man has been the leader of the free world for the past eight years is utterly terrifying.

And a little funny. I […]