The Media’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Against John McCain….According To John McCain

McCain’s sudden cancellation of an interview with Larry King is only the most recent, and most widely publicized, example of the bitter divorce between McCain and the national news media, a group he once so affectionately referred to as his base.

Citing an “out of line” interview between CNN’s Campbell Brown and McCain’s spokesman Tucker Bounds, McCain’s campaign abruptly pulled the plug just hours before McCain’s scheduled appearance on Larry King Live.

How dare an investigative journalist try to do their job by asking a perfectly legitimate question about an inexperienced governor’s readiness to become vice president? The nerve of those damn liberal media bastards!

Add this latest CNN spat to the campaign’s accusation of NBC’s biased coverage, McCain’s angry dismissal of Time magazine’s questions, and McCain adviser Mark Salter’s furious rant against Newsweek, and we may have found the perfect way for McCain to avoid discussing the real issues in this election–refuse to speak to every mainstream media outlet except for one….

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