Time To Party Like It’s 2009!

Ah, Yes, A Sight For Sore Eyes

We’ve finally made it, my friends! Today is January 20th, the historic day Barack Obama is inaugurated president and America is saved.

That’s right. After today, no one will hate us anymore, the economy will suddenly surge to life (Obama memorabilia, anyone?), Iraq and Afghanistan will transform into flowering pillars of democracy, and a cooler, friendlier mother earth will finally get around to fixin’ those darn o-zone holes in her atmosphere. Expensive little buggers too.

So rejoice America! And thank you, President Obama for not only wanting the task of fixing this hellhole of a mess, but for hands down being the absolute best man for the job. Period.

No offense, Hill.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a very important parade to go watch.

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