When Hate & Hombres Collide: J.T. Ready (Aim, Fire!) & His Posse Of Armed White Supremacists Head South To The Border!

To most average Americans, or at least those of us still blessed with a full set of teeth and the ability to formulate a single coherent English sentence without the words “sp*cs” or “n*ggers,” Arizona’s awesome, new ¡Adiós Amigos! law stemming the tide of gross border jumping beans streaming into the good ol’ US of A from Mexicanland or Mexicoville or wherever it is dirty brown people come from, is the unconstitutional result of ugly, racist, Teabagger-fueled White Power hysteria.

But to some, like neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, Aryanzona’s Nazi immigration law simply doesn’t go far enough. Which is why he and some fascist buddies have decided to gear up, head South, and roam the desert lookin’ for some good, old fashioned Mexicans to hunt! His #1 favoritest past-time!

Because proud Caucasians like J.T. Ready rely on more than just dumb, two initialed names and even dumber ideas to prove their white trash worthiness. They earn their swastika stripes by bein’ the best damn roving gang of armed skinheads ever to go snipin’ for smelly Mexicans before they’re able to sneak across the border, steal all their jobs, and have their way with their women and children.

If the God damn gubmint is going to sit back and let America be destroyed by hardworking, industrious “narco terrorists” streaming like roaches over the border to provide a better life for their families, then J.T. Ready and his posse of Klansman and White Supremacists are left no choice but to take matters into their own two trigger-happy hands. For liberty!

A freedom he’s been protectin’ since like all the way back in 2007, when Ready posted on the New Saxon website, a forum that serves as “An Online Community for Whites, by Whites:” Hooray!!

The truth is that negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka [sic]. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in…Stop Negroid immigration and integration now!!! Nature will take care of the rest.”

Ummm, okay?? But that was like soooooooo three years ago! Surely, a man of J.T.’s Ready’s girth and caliber has matured beyond “Negroid screw monkeys” and “kosher Jew rear” and graduated to more pressing matters like evil, sombrero wearing, La Bamba singing, women-sexin’ menaces to a pure, white Christian America, like God and Jesus intended when they first arrived as immigrants on the shores of Ellis Island to purify the new land of any terrible coloreds and other non-white undesirables.

If they don’t want my people out there, then there’s an easy way to send us home: Secure the border,” he said. “We’ll put our guns back on the shelf, and that’ll be the end of that.”

The end, finale, finito! See, it’s as easy as uno, dos, tres! All they need to do is secure our borders with electrically-charged barbed wire fences, landmines, armed guards (preferably with neo-nazi tendencies) with M-16s scouring the horizon from towers, lay a trail of tacos and/or pesos, and viola! Sit back and enjoy the fiesta!

And if the big, bad government refuses to declare awesome war on our neighbors to the South? Then what will Ready and his armed militia of Southern fried freakshows do if they see Mexicans trying to cross illegally into Arizona?

“We’ll Kill Them.”

Of course! He’s been Ready his whole life…the go-getter!

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