AirTran Offers Apology For Its No Muslim Policy

AirTran’s Family Of Terrorists?

AirTran Airways officially issued an apology on Friday for booting a Muslim family off a plane for being, well, Muslim.

The families of Atif Irfan, a tax attorney, and his brother Kashif Irfan, an anesthesiologist, along with their three small children, sister, and suspiciously Muslim friend were politely “escorted” off a flight in Washington Thursday after a terrorist-patrolling passenger reported hearing Atif Irfan’s wife say something suspicious.

Or at least something suspicious if you and your family also happen to be wearing traditional Muslim headscarves and beards when walking through the aisle musing on the best place to sit in case of an accident, explosion, or other sort of emergency.

“We were [discussing whether it was safest to sit near] the wing, or the engine or the back or the front. But that’s it. We didn’t say anything else that would raise any suspicion.”

Ha ha. Don’t be silly. Here in America that’s not only enough to get you and the other 8 Muslim-Americans in your party unceremoniously booted from the plane, but also barred from re-booking the flight, even after the FBI clears you of all charges and pleads with agents on your behalf.

If you wanted the friendly skies, you should have gone United.

AirTran: The Not-So Friendly Skies

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