The Bush Admin’s Brilliant Solution To Mideast Crisis: Let Obama Deal With It!

“I Will Dial Numbers With All My Might”

With a mounting crisis in Gaza and less than three weeks in office, still?-president George W. Bush continued to awe and inspire America and the world with his unique brand of pragmatism and foresight.

Aides to President Bush insisted the president was working hard to achieve a “durable and sustainable” cease-fire (wink, wink), which is really just government slang for doing as little as possible until he can officially hand this whole mess over to that cool, colored dude with the weird sounding name. Seems like a nice enough fellow.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flexed her dazzling diplomatic muscles, laughing off growing criticism that a more direct approach in diffusing the latest Israeli-Palestinian flare up was necessary, while vowing to continue waging her furious telephone diplomacy until a truce was arranged…or her time expired. Whatever comes first.

Why on Earth would the Sec. of State actually travel to the troubled region when she can just as easily run around her office here in Washington, frantically making phone calls to secure a truce Hamas will respect. And is durable and sustainable. And takes place as soon as possible.

Preferably in under 18 days, please.

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