Foot, Meet Mouth: Six Reasons Why The GOP Doesn’t Need Deep Sea Oil Rigs To Spew Toxic Goo From Gaping Holes

If you thought BP was the only one spillin’ baby spillin’ toxic oily goo uncontrollably out of big, leaking holes, think again my friends!

Never underestimate the Grand Oil Puppets’ uncanny ability to take a national disaster of epic proportions, and use the tragedy for their own personal and political gain by saying something even more flammable, noxious, and vomit-inducing than millions of gallons of luxurious crude oil pouring into America’s once thriving coastal shores.

Ladies and germs, I present you with the top six slick GOP oil spill slip-ups, not involving dead marine mammals and/or feathered carcasses washin’ up along America’s now deadly beaches, but rather thick gunk oozing from the deep wells between their noses and chins.

Drum roll, please!

1. Rand Paul
Rand Paul has gone AWOL from the lamestream media, likely because every time he opens his big fat trap to anyone with a mic, he ends up saying something awful about how (even though he’s not racist or anything, and loooooves the Civil Rights Act of 1964), the big bad govern’ent should keep their grubby paws out of the private sector and stop forcing nice, American businesses to not be terrible and racist. Like, if Woolworth’s wants to force black people to eat at separate lunch counters and/or put up a big, ol’ Whites Only sign on their front door, who is the dumb, stupid evil government to tell ’em otherwise?

Same goes for that terrible NObama pesterin’ the good folks over at BP who want nothing more than to be left to their own noble oil-dumpin’, marine-destroyin’ devices!

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'” Paul said in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America. “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Why, America hasn’t been this unpatriotic since rudely throwing off the nice British yoke back in 1776, around the time “Doctor” Rand Paul’s beliefs were actually still fashionable. Umm, can you say Rand Paul for President of America? Errr, better make that of pure, white America…you can go ahead and keep dem coloreds to yourself, we’re sure ol’ Rand won’t mind one Libertarian bit.

2. Michele Bachmann
Everyone’s favorite unstable Minnesota hellwoman Michele Bachmann knows a thing or two ’bout takin’ a terrible tragedy and turnin’ it into a golden wingnut opportunity to blast that no-good half-black Kenyan Devil in the White House for taking a completely irresponsible “hands off” approach to the oil crisis on “DAY ONE” when they should have been all over that sh*t, like umm, well, British Petroleum on American beaches.

Ol’ Minnesota blue eyes simply does not understand why the government was “nowhere to be found” after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded (pssst, Michele you have to actually open your eyes, not rely on the power of Jesus to see) since in reality, Obama and Co., arrived within hours of the disaster. But no one knows better than Bachmann what a drag truth and facts can be, not to mention, they are inherently un-American and against the Constitution in her head.

Which is why she would like to know just why on God’s (once-green) Earth the government hadn’t put on their Socialist Scuba gear and “commandeered” privately-owned boats to “deal with that oil plume as it was coming up to the water.”

Oh, Michy why don’t you be a dear, throw on the ol’ flippers and wetsuit, and dive on down to Deepwater to plug that darned hole with your own perfectly capable, freshly manicured, Christ-guided hands. Don’t worry, your makeup is water resistant (and animal-tested!) plus there’s no gross slimy fish, or living creatures of any sort to bother you on your way down to the dark abyss below.

Just think of it as a practice run for your next eternal plunge to the dank netherworld far beneath the surface of the Earth. Don’t forget to say hi to your hero and favoritest freedom fighter while you’re there. No, not Jesus of Nazareth, silly! Your other savior, Hitler of Bavaria!

3. Sarah Palin
When not tweetbookin’ bout drillin’ baby drillin’, America’s beloved former half-term Governor of tundras and moose is busy blamin’ baby blamin’ the usual suspects like extreme greenies and other hippie-dippie environmental enemies of Mother Earth for spillin, baby spillin’ up ‘n down America’s shores.

Maybe for her next great, Pulitzer-worthy piece of American literature, $arah Palin can write all about how she single-handedly plugged the darn hole usin’ nothin’ but her magical diamond-encrusted, cotton-tipped, Jesus-blessed hockey stick and a hearty dose of that good, ol’ fashioned can-do ‘merican spirit.

Miss Bachmann better get goin’ lest some other brainless beauty from the snowy north beat her to the bottom and steal her heroic, oil-pluggin’ thunder! They don’t call her the Barracuda for nuthin’! Wink, wink!

4. Haley Barbour
Fat, dumb Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour isn’t one to dwell on silly, insignificant little mistakes of the past, like enslaving an entire race to keep cotton costs low. It was simply savvy business maneuvers and everyone (or at least 3/5ths) knows what is good for business is good for America, slavery included! No thanks to those no-good Northern Aggressors always tryin’ to tell decent Southern folk how to build up their economy, without even chaining human beings to the bottom of boats and giving them the unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity to be sold at bargain basement prices to the highest bidder. A real steal!

Same goes for silly li’l nothing oil spills, which Barbour knows is nothing like Exxon-Valdez (ugh, sounds Mexicany), but more like delicious caramel mousse, harmless toothpaste, and the pretty fuel sheen surrounding speed boats.

“We don’t wash our face in it, but it doesn’t stop us from jumping off the boat to ski,” Barbour said.

Of course, the biggest threat to Mississippi’s coast has been the arugula eating elitist mainstream media’s coverage of the spill, givin’ people the wrong  impression that “the coast from Florida to Texas is ankle-deep in oil, which is of course very, very bad for our tourist season,” the most importantist thing in the world!

“It may be hard for the viewer to understand but the worst thing for us has been how our tourist season has been hurt by the misperception of what is going on down here. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is beautiful. As I tell people, the coast is clear, come on down!”

“Come on down here and play golf, enjoy the beach, catch a fish and pay a little sales tax while you’re here,” he said.

Just don’t forget your hazmat suits, goo-gone, protective goggles, and industrial size bucket to put all the delicious oil-infused fish you catch scoop up from the beach.

But remember those babies sure do burn, so use caution when tossin’ the day’s catch on the barbie, or you may have your very own Deepwater explosion right in your own backyard. For America, wooohooo!

5. John Boehner
House Minority Leader John Boehner is just thankful something besides his face has finally turned a oddly glowing, likely toxic, unnatural shade of orange even if it is America’s entire Gulf Coast, that he is ready to let bygones be bygones. Enough of this petty blame game (except when directed towards those who deserve it like DEMONcrats and/or NObama)!

It is time to move forward and act like responsible, mature adults when flip-flopping and contradicting oneself in order to simultaneously appease Big Oil, the overlords in the Chamber of Commerce, and of course the nagging public who keep cryin’ poor every time the GOP tries to take their hard-earned taxpayer money to pay for the greasy death ‘n destruction their their awesome, slick, hands-off deregulation of beloved oil conglomerates caused. Whoops!

Hey, nobody’s perfect right?

Err, except the world’s greatest oil company, and most skilled man-made disaster cleanup crew ever assembled: no, not BP, the Glowing Orange Party, of course!

6. Joe Barton

Which naturally brings us to our final Southern fried f**k up, good ol’ Joe Barton of good ol’ Texas. A wondrous, brilliant man whose world-famous apology to the poor, misunderstood CEO of BP Tony Hayward is only one small piece of this man’s stellar record of public service.
Besides the Saints and Samaritans at BP, no one stands up for the rights of the “small people” more than Grand Old Pariah, fightin’ Joe Barton. And by small people, we of course mean the poor, innocent victims of NObama’s evil $20 billion government shakedown, forced to pay out of their own endless pockets to cover the hefty costs of covering an entire ocean with delicious crude oil, imported all the way from Britain! Is this any way to treat a guest??

“I think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown, in this case a $20 billion shakedown,” Barton said. “I’m only speaking for myself, I’m not speaking for anybody else. But I apologize. I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong, is subject to to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words, amounts to a shakedown. So I apologize.”

I mean what kind of world would it be, if every time some greedy, out-of-control oil conglomerate tries to get sinfully rich by destroying an entire ecosystem, they’re actually held responsible for their reckless actions turning boring blue to luscious black?

Why that sounds like a nightmare, a hellish doomsday vision that Joe Barton for one, wants no part of and nothing, I said, nothing, is gonna change ever change that, ever!

He has principles, people! The kind that may top kill Flipper, Flounder, and every last coastal fisherman’s livelihood, but doesn’t stop spillin’ baby spillin’ the only kind of green worth anything (it ain’t algae!) right into his big, fat, oily fingers.

What’s that you say?? Oh, ooops, we’re terribly sorry!

Smithers, get this man a napkin, on the double! For Christ’s sake, he’s got some very important tweetin’ to do and doesn’t need any greasy smudge stains or oily fish remains screwing up his fine, wisdom-filled, 140 character-limited, apology-laden messages.

Joe is perfectly capable of doing that all by his own greasy, toxic, limited character self!

And unlike BP, he doesn’t even need to dive several miles beneath the sea to plug the gaping hole uncontrollably spewing toxic waste.

God purposely located it for maximum plugging convenience. In case of emergency, like say, whenever he opens his mouth.

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