For Once Sarah Palin Actually Stands On The Right Side Of History; Like Always She Manages To Offend Us All

Retired snow bunny, current reality teevee star, and president of Twitterbook, Sarah Louise Palin, is trying her very hardest to be taken seriously as a real, electable politician! Mostly by alternating her precious time pallin’ around bein’ free with Kate Gosselin in majestic, wild Alaska and tweeting 140-character gibberish no one understands all so she can one day become President of America on behalf of all Mama Grizzlies who love Jesus ‘n freedom ‘n underage teenage pregnancies ‘n stuff.

Oh, you betcha!

So, it comes as no surprise that Miss Thang decided to do the proper, professional, presidential thing and let the whole world know her very important opinion on the recent repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…by re-Tweeting some weirdo rightwing lezzie columnist’s Tweet about ‘homos’ and how microblogging is turning the entire nation into one collective special needs precious li’l miracle named Trigger.

Apparently, Alaska’s hellchild Sarah Palin does have tons of gay and lesbian friends! Particularly random, like-minded righties she’s never actually met nor heard of ’til now, who just so happen to be one of them awful gays!

From conservative pundit (and secret Sarah Palin BFF) Tammy Bruce’s Twitter:

But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already—the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bedTue Jan 04 03:12:46 via web

OMG, like so true! Everyone knows that those who utterly hate the terrible gross gays the absolute mostest and loudest, and want nothing more than to keep their awful AIDS spreading paws away from the sacred altars and out of the perfectly straight military are usually the ones who end up being terrible gays themselves, or at the very least, the ones with all the secret gay stuff stashed “under their bed.”

Everyone including Sarah Palin, that is.

Oooh, how delightful! America’s #1 favoritest Twatter of dumb, indecipherable nonsense on important social policies has decided to break her “silence” on the not-really-controversial-except-among-other rabidly-homophobic-probably-also-homosexual-Republicans, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, by re-tweeting some conservative dyke’s profound 140-character thought about the “Homos” and their “beds.”

Hooray for freedom and fags!

Except umm, SarBear, here’s the thing. While homos the whole nation over are simply delighted, no, make that overjoyed, that the usually reliably bigoted wench of Wasilla is suddenly totally cool with the terrible gays and lesbians prancing around serving (and servicing!) America’s Armed Forces, now that they are legally permitted to do so, it is still considered somewhat distasteful for anyone, let alone a major political figure reality teevee star who is also VERY straight to use the word “homos,” or quote its use in any way, even if it is in a vague, semi pro-gay rights context.

Not even Sarah Palin, who owns the entire state of Alaska!

Because unless Mama Grizz wants to throw on a pair of khakis and baggy flannel shirt, throw out the lipstick, and go down on Miss Tammy Bruce, she probably shouldn’t be tossing the word “homos” around like the new Lilith Fair CD among a group of San Fran dykes on bikes.

This f**kin’ woman! I mean, she would come out for gay rights in a way that pisses off the vast majority of gay people, wouldn’t she?

Of course she would! Then again, why on God’s green earth would anyone expect professionalism from dingbat Sarah Palin, of all people?

Enuf already!

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