The Onion Becomes Reality: Photos From The Campaign Trail

Don’t Worry Baby, Uncle Joe’s 100% Behind You!

Via the AP: A lady biker sits on Biden’s lap today at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio.

Which wouldn’t be the first time something weird happened involving Seaman.

Not to be outdone by Joe’s impressive bicycle biker mount, President Obama got a huge lift himself. Literally.

Here’s Big Apple […]

Unemployed Campaign Reporters: Will Work For Food

Here’s A Hint: Put Down The Freakin’ Doughnut Fatty!

Now that the election is over, some campaign reporters are finding it difficult to adjust to the suddenly fatter, heftier, unemployed versions of their former selves.Yes, the post-campaign return to “normal” life can be quite daunting, especially for those used to the frenetic pace and 24/7 gorge […]

Living Up To His Nickname, John "Good Timing" McCain Praises Economy, As U.S. Markets Implode

For some reason, the party-pooper Obama campaign is all hot and bothered by some dumbass comments McCain made today about the “fundamentals of the economy being strong,” during a townhall meeting in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, McCain, who is trying to alter the perception that he is “out of touch” with the average American, decided to praise the […]