Not Even The Gecko Would Be Caught Dead On Glenn Beck’s Program

It’s hard to believe that every once in a while in this hedonist playground we call America, terrible and offensive behavior is not rewarded with book deals and talk shows, but actually brings with it certain consequences.

Like in the case of Fox News host Glenn Beck, who experienced first-hand the sort of financial penalty that comes with being an insane racist shrieking nutjob: advertisers flee from you like the god damn bubonic plague.

Big, money-filled companies like Geico, Proctor & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, and Sargento have all yanked their advertisements from everyone’s favorite blue-eyed commentator’s nightly dose of racist ranting and nonsensical blather known as the Glenn Beck Program.

Apparently, some thin-skinned advertisers have this crazy idea that associating their product with a guy who accuses the president of not only hating the white half of himself but three-fourths of America too, may not be so good for business after all.

According to Northwestern professor and marketing expert John Greening, “Beck’s demagoguery crossed the line of the socially expected taste level, and I can’t think of a company on the planet who wants to be a part of that conversation. It is a no-brainer to pull your ads.”

Whether his show survives “depends on Beck’s level of contrition or how he explains it. But unless he does something to rehabilitate himself, he has probably crossed the line into obscurity.”

Don’t be silly! The good people of America will never tire of their golden-haired angel of truth. The real patriots of this nation will continue tuning in every night to hear the brilliant analysis and unflinching commentary of Fox News’ shining star and messenger to the people, Glenn Beck.

All 1% percent of them.

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