Oy Vey! Like Everything Else, Michele Bachmann Works Up The Nerve To Say "Chutzpah" In The Most Idiotic Way Possible

Michele Meshugana Bachmann went on her favoritest Fox News for the third time in one week not to talk about her homosexual husband’s tendency to listen to struggling men talk about their terrible same-sex attractions all day long (for Jesus!) and also to once again remind the world why anyone too dumb and crazy to complete a coherent thought should probably never be in charge of anything, let alone the actual United States of America.

But instead of just giving her predictably asinine thoughts about how defaulting on our debt will do nothing to hurt U.S. credit ratings because “we have the money to pay it” (psst: even if we don’t really pay it) and Jesus said we’re too big to fail, Michele decided to go ahead and offend Yiddish-speaking bubbies across this great nation.

Oy Vey!

“It more fashionable for the president to scare people and say the sky is about to fall, we’re gonna lose our credit rating. No we won’t, we have plenty of money to pay it, just pay it, take that issue off the table…”

Yes, ma’am!

“Here’s the big issue. The president doesn’t want to have to be confronted with priorities in spending, because he has a lot of chutzpah.”

Except she pronounces “chutzpah” “shoot-spa” because apparently Michele has only ever heard of Jews, she has never actually heard Jews (they probably aren’t allowed in MN-06!).

Besides, “Shoot-spa” is what Michele calls the rifle range. Ya know, the place that normal, decent, non-Jewish Americans go to relieve stress from cartoonishly closeted hubbies flitting about every which way, or making humiliating mispronunciation gaffes of Jewish-y words on national teevee. National Jew-run teevee!

Oh well. It’s like they always say, better goy than gay!

Wonder how she pronounces, “My husband is a “faygala?”

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