Plumber Joe To The Rescue!

Elitists Call Him Joe Wurzelbacher, But You Know Him By Another Name

Oh my god, this changes everything.

Joe the Plumber just dropped a bomb on the American public by coming out of the woodwork (or wherever it is that plumbers come out of) to announce his support for John McCain. I know, craziness!!

But, wait, it gets even juicier.

Not only does Joe The Plumber back McCain for President, he also reveals that if Barack Obama wins the election, he is “scared for America.”

Us too. But, we feel so much better now that Plumber Joe, who represents every blue-collar worker in the entire country, is considering a political future of his own.

Yes, the new hero of the middle class, has his eyes set on a seat other than the toilet: Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s congressional seat for Ohio’s 9th district.

We think this is a brilliant idea. I mean, these past two weeks have clearly given Plumber Joe all the necessary political experience.

And who better to plunge the crap out of Washington than America’s most beloved sanitary worker?

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