Pot Meet Kettle

Well, well look who we have here, our old pal John McCain!

It’s been awhile since we last saw Johnny and naturally much has changed. Like John McCain going from an “angry old candidate to an angry old defeated candidate.”

On Sunday, the J Mac took his angry self to CNN, so he could let the American people know what could have been, had they elected him president instead of that socialist with the funny name.

If Johnny was in charge, that pure pork calling itself a stimulus package would be tossed into the frying vat where it belongs and his brilliant proposal of tax cuts and more tax cuts would be cruising smoothly through Congress.

A Congress he whipped into good, bipartisan shape with his stunning negotiation skills and highly coveted powers of persuasion.

Plus, unlike Comrade Barry, John would never mortgage his children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren’s future on a $787 billion stimulus measure that is nothing more than pure “generational theft.”

He would much rather bankrupt the country in the traditional Republican way: on fruitless wars and $2.5 trillion tax cuts for the rich.

But if that doesn’t work, he’ll talk to Cindy about maybe putting one or two of their numerous houses on the market. That should pretty much take care of the national debt right there.

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