Meghan McCain’s Bountiful Breasts Know Joe Lieberman’s No Traitor!

Sassy blogger Megs McCain is upset. And not just because some meanies on the teevee and radio made fun of her voluptuous curves and God-given set of full, ample breasts. But something far, far worse–the terrible treatment of her favoritest turncoat and longtime role model Senator Joe Lieberman.

For some absurd reason, everyone hates ol’ Joe […]

OMG, Like, WTF!? Meghan McCain Doesn’t Understand Why No One Wants To Be A Republican

Sassy blogger Meghan McCain is in the closet. And not the kind reserved for gays, but something far, far worse: liberals.

Which is why she is so totally bummed that nice old man Arlen Specter decided to ditch the Grand Old Party for greener pastures in Democratic happy land.

You see, Meghan has tons of respect for […]