Sarah Palin Continues To Prove Her Love For America By Showing Her Hatred Of Muslims

Sarah Louise Palin continues to defy reason, logic, our wildest imaginations, and even the basic laws of science on her national quest to make America a dumber, more hateful, intolerant place like her favoritest Russia or Alaska or whatever, by destroying it from the inside out.

Although, to be perfectly honest, one would probably gain more […]

Bigoted Heroes Across Roadside America Demand Hitler's Evil Twin Barack Obama Promptly Resign Or Immediately Start Bashing Muslims

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when I hear the name Barack Hussein Obama is, without doubt, Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler right down the angry li’l Hitler mustache painted above his upper lip

For starters, “Barack” does sound sort of German, particularly if you’ve never heard a single German word […]

Creepy Clown Lady Wants You To Help Make Glenn Beck America's New George Washington In 2012!

OMG! Run for your lives!!!!!!!

What’s the only thing more terrifying than a deranged rodeo clown drawing swastikas on blackboards, err, on second thought, better make that chalkboards, weeping Vicks VapoRub tears on the teevee every night?

A slutty female(?) prostitute version of said rodeo clown wearing 10lbs of costume makeup, a straw hat, and organizing […]

Woohoo, America! Celebrate 4th Of July Knowing 74% Of Your Fellow Patriots Know Our Humiliation Of The British Started 234 Years Before This Year's World Cup!

Howdy America! It is that blissful time of year when Americans of all stripes red, white, and blue stripes only gather together to stuff burgers ‘n brats in their pie holes, throw back some ice cold brewskies, and watch multi-colored pyrotechnic lights explode in the night sky for freedom.

And what better time to show the […]

Blowin' Hot Air: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun Warns Of Scary Energy Bill Killing Overheated, Old Southerners

Esteemed congressman and beloved right wing caricature of an actual thinking human being, Georgia Peach, Rep. Paul Broun is no stranger to making mindblowingly dumb, racist comments whenever he gets the chance to spout his big fat trap on some subject he knows nothing about (all?).

When opportunity knocks, you better answer it people!

For good ol’ […]