Multi-Millionaire Republicans Simply Cannot Afford Obama’s Socialist Rich People Tax

While Republicans, like Louisiana Rep. John Fleming, were busy whining about how $6.3 million a year just ain’t what it used to be (I mean who do you have to screw to get some freakin’ foie gras around here!?), President of Socialism, Barack Obama, was busy concocting his evil plan to reduce the ballooning deficit […]

Put This In The Brilliant Ideas Department: Sarah Palin Fans Plan To Simultaneously Pull Over To The Side Of The Road For Some Dumb Reason Or Another

What would you do, if you were a tea ‘n freedom lovin’ patriot who despises NObama, adores Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, is borderline obsessed with Sarah Palin, and wanted to make a really BIG statement?

Well, one patriotic, Palin-worshiping group of conservative kooks ‘n cranks, Stand Up America, is encouraging all Jeebus-lovin’ Americans not […]

Schemes From My Father: Newt Gingrich Knows Those Who "Understand" Obama Are Nothing More Than Radical, Kenyan Anti-Colonialists

Actual insane person and amphibeous swamp dweller Newt Gingrich has been searching all weekend for something, anything, to make himself finally look relevant again, ever since his crusade against Oval Office blow jobs came to a screeching halt back in 1999, when some dude with silver hair and a weird name singing about women’s thongs ruled […]

What's Gross, Creepy, Slimy & Makes You Shudder All Over? A Nazi-Spewin' Newt Goin' Off The Deep End

Heil Newt?

Lovable amphibian-named pinnacle of reason and truth, Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich will say and do just about anything to get someone, anyone, to pay attention to what he, a thrice-married, twice divorced, multi-adulterous, washed-up former Republican Speaker of the House has to say about the current state of things, here in NObama’s America, if you […]