The Only Difference Between The Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street Is 235 Years Of Progress

So the Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street movements are not that different? OMG, so true! Just take away the inability to formulate a coherent sentence, add the ability to still move your massive, diabetic body with your own two legs, not the reinforced rubber wheels of your Socialist Medicare motor scooter, toss in your basic elementary school education, a firm grasp of the English language (including spelling and grammar rules), an equally firm grasp of reality (including a vague idea that Adolf Hitler’s great crime wasn’t insuring poor people and sick kids), throw in a splash of color to that sea of milky white, a hearty dose of tolerance, substitute swastikas for hash tags, replace racist, narrow-minded ignorance and rampant xenophobia with diversity, compassion, decency and justice, and voila!

They are one and the same, practically indistinguishable: Carbon-based life forms whose opposable thumbs enable them to hoist square or rectangular shaped pieces of cardboard with various words and messages scribbled to protest dark, nefarious forces destroying civilization as we know it.

Be it Black Presidents or Blackstone Financial.

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