Hard Knock Life: Obama Grounds Citigroup’s High-Flying Hopes

Here’s To A Job Well Done!

Having secured a sweet $45 billion bailout from taxpayers, the savvy wizards over at Citigroup did what any rational company narrowly escaping bankruptcy would do: Buy a luxurious, new $50 million corporate jet using funds just fleeced from the public, of course!

Citigroup execs defended the move as a smart business deal because any billion dollar banking company that manages to run itself right into the gutter certainly knows a thing or two about savvy business operations.

But then the annoying public got wind of the plan and in typical party-pooper fashion, tried to ruin everything for the humble Citigroup execs, including new Dassault Falcon 7X jets fueled with the blood, sweat, tears (and $45 billion dollars) of hard-working Americans.

Normally, the public’s outcry would fall on deaf ears, because business trumps the needs of the “average citizen.” It’s the American way.

Or at least, it was the American way. That is until Mr. “Man Of The People” Obama became president and screwed everything up.

The Not-Too-Shabby Interior

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