No Rest For The Weary: Obama and Co. Return Home From Hawaii

Well, well is this anyway to spend a vacation? Suddenly Mr. President of slacking thinks it’s just fine to eat snow cones and spend time with his family while the rest of us losers are left freezing, bored, and terrified that the only thing separating us from fiery death 20,000ft above ground isn’t our top notch homeland security, but rather the incompetence of a single virgin-crazed Nigerian.

At least Rush Limbaugh had the common decency to have a heart attack during his Hawaiian vacation.

Not our playboy president. Instead, spending fun-filled hours in the sun talking to NSC chief of staff Denis McDonough and Homeland security and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan about the Christmas Day bomber that failed to properly explode and how in Allah’s name this al-Qaeda wannabe on the no-fly list managed to mosey his way onto a flight with some explosives in his undies and no one batted an eye until he turned into a badly burned bag of gourmet Jiffy Pop.

So welcome home, lazybones.

At least our last President knew how to take a vacation like a real, responsible commander-in-chief. It’s the remaining 250 days a year that gave him trouble.

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