If There’s Anything Joe Biden Knows, It’s That They Don’t Call Him Dick For Nothing

America’s most famous Dick crawled out from his dank shelter 50ft beneath the Earth’s surface, braving both air and sunlight, to grace the simple, unsuspecting carbon-based life forms above with dire warnings and apocalyptic visions about his favorite subjects: war and terror.

And also to celebrate his other crowning achievement while in office, the two-year anniversary […]

No Rest For The Weary: Obama and Co. Return Home From Hawaii

Well, well is this anyway to spend a vacation? Suddenly Mr. President of slacking thinks it’s just fine to eat snow cones and spend time with his family while the rest of us losers are left freezing, bored, and terrified that the only thing separating us from fiery death 20,000ft above ground isn’t our top […]

What a Difference Ten Years Make: From Idiot to Elitist in One Fell Decade!

Oh, hahahaha, look America, it’s everyone’s favorite beer peddling spokesman of hope, “Commander in Cheer” President Barack Hussein Obama. He certainly seems to be enjoying his time ruining America as its first socialist Muslim terrorist president from Kenya.

Wonder what he’s laughing at? Perhaps the fact that when this terrible millennium began just a mere ten […]

Delta: You’ll Love the Way We Fly…and Thwart Terrorists

Busy year for Delta. They buy Northwest airlines and then almost get blown to bits, Richard Reid style, by some crazed Nigerian trying his very bestest to impress the Al Qaeda recruiters he’s just positive have been checking out his mad terror skills.

Fortunately for everyone aboard Northwest flight 253 en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, […]

John Shadegg Knows We Should Never Surrender To Terrorists By Surrendering To Terrorists

Adorably unstable Arizona Rep. John Shadegg–whose awesome argument against health care reform was to drag infant baby “Maddie” onto the House floor to “explain” (in a deep man’s voice) why she no likey Obama’s doomsday health care plan to insure all Americans and offer free abortions for all the other babies not lucky enough to […]

Cheney To Obama: You Don’t Know Dick About National Security

Cheerful cuddlebug Dick Cheney is always down to help clear things up and set the record straight especially when it comes to matters of national security. It’s his bread and butter!

It’s not easy being the lone voice of reason and truth, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Which is why we’ve come to depend on […]