Democrats Put Marriage Equality Where Their Mouth Is While Republicans Slurp Secret Sauce & Pound Patties To Prove Deep-Fried Discrimination Is Finger-Lickin' Good

Increasingly irrelevant Sarah Palin’s increasingly desperate grifter tour quest for attention included a quick stop at a Texas Chick-fil-A to “support a great business”, munch on a deliciously diabetic, deep-fried chicken sandwich, and of course, to tell the terrible homosexuals “I hate you,” without saying, “homosexuals, I hate you.”

Ah yes, the perfect fast food for […]

Republican Congressional Hopeful Sean Bielat Knows Short Is The New Gay, So Speak Softly & Carry A Big (Measuring) Stick!

Republican congressional candidate Sean Bielat believes in two simple truths: the power of his own digitally crafted campaign ads of Barney Frank gay dancing across Massachusetts propelling him to certain election victory over that no-good, tax-lovin’ liberal queer with a lisp, and his uncanny ability to apply simple logic to solve complex problems facing the […]

Sarah Palin’s So Gifted, She Can Even Say Funny Things Other People Wrote

In a nod to either Fidel Castro (minus the commie red star) or Brittney Spears circa 2005, professional celebrity and book tour legend Sarah Palin took her one-woman act to Washington, DC to appear as the GOP’s representative joke-teller at the annual winter Gridiron Dinner. Oh, you betcha!

There the world’s most famous losing candidate took […]

Hey Kids, It’s Comedy Hour With Barney And Rush!

Aww, snap! Someone just got served! Big bad Barney Frank doesn’t like being interrupted. And he certainly doesn’t like having his town hall discussion disrupted so that some seemingly normal looking woman who’s actually bat crazy can ask him pressing, substantive health care reform questions like, “Why are you supporting this Nazi policy?” while holding […]