Shitty Montana GOP Convention Ironically Features Fake Bullet-Ridden "Obama Library" Porta-Potty, Parades Of People With Shit-For-Brains

HAW HAW HAW! The good citizens comedians of Missoula know the only thing “funnier” (in a tragic Montana sort of way) than having a black illegal secret Muslim Socialist from Kenya as President are hilarious pre-school level poo poo and pee pee jokes about him.

At Saturday’s Republican Party convention in Missoula, Montana, a few convention-goers […]

Obama May Not Make The Ballot In Arizona Because Arizona Doesn't Need A Reason To Be The Dumb, Racist, Backwater Hellhole Everyone Is Embarrassed Of

“I See Brown People!”

Bored with their usual antics of deporting frightened Mexican and Mexican-ish looking people and denying ladies sluts access to baby murdering apparatus birth control (yawn!), the fine citizens of Aryanzona have turned their short, sun-scorched attention to another pressing matter: the true birth origins of a certain illegal Socialist, half-black, […]

Birthers Know Obama Probably Just Killed Bin Laden To Distract From The Birth Certificate Scandal In Their Heads

Okay, fine so President Barack Obama (if that is even his real name) managed to track down and kill that crazy, (man)-cave dwelling, bearded terrorist guy the U.S. has been desperately hunting for oh, I don’t know, only about the last decade or so. Well, whoopdedoo for him!

Just because NObama happened to accomplish what no […]

Offensive, Racist Emails About Obama's Birthplace? Just (Monkey) Business As Usual For The Republicans!

When not participating in their other favorite pastime shrieking Muslim slurs at frightened children and their families attending a charity event, conservatives in Orange County, California typically return to their good, old fashioned racist roots in the form of some hilarious black-president-is-a-Socialist-monkey-from-Kenya email, picture, or other awesomely bigoted internet-related humor.

And guess what people?? They’re getting […]

Sarah Palin Supports The Donald's Crazy, Fake Birther Quest For President Of The United States Of Jesus

Since rich people obviously don’t have to pay taxes in this country we call America (that’s for poor people, silly!), the “haves” and “have-mores” among us must constantly come up with new and creative ways to squander their massive, undeserved fortunes, if only as a gentle reminder how much better, and more well off they […]

Like Everything Else About His Existence, Donald Trump's Birth Certificate Isn't Real Either

Obscenely rich, obscenely obnoxious, pretend presidential candidate Donald Trump is always looking for cool, exciting new gimmicks to help keep his fake presidential run in the news and fresh in people’s mind, right next to Charlie Sheen’s latest win (an eight ball?) and Chris Brown’s cock shots.

Like when the Donald decided to take some time […]

Donald Trump Pretending To Be A Birther & Viable Presidential Candidate; Still Refuses To Shake Hands With Poor Schmucks Like Voters

Donald Trump, the loud mouth, oddly discolored, über classy Celebrity Apprentice host who makes a living shrieking, “You’re Fired!” at frightened underlings, is still pretending to be seriously contemplating a bid for the once-every-four-years chance to squander his own money to get embarrassingly crushed by Barack Obama in the presidential elections.

And hell no, he won’t […]

Arizona, Proudly Scaring The Bejesus Out Of America Since 1912

America’s lovely parched desert landscape of cacti and Gila monsters (no, not that otherworldly beast pictured above), plus plentiful racist, Mexican-hating wingnuts have helped make Arizona the majestic, Big-Government dependent, scorched used tire outlet, we Americans, know and love so well.

Throw in that confused old man who blessed the public with some lipstick wearing maverick […]

GOP’s Insane Billboards Of Hate Coming To A Highway Near You!

Remember that crazy Cartoon Network fundraising PowerPoint the Republicans used to patronize prospective donors while begging for their loose change as part of the brilliant GOP strategy of simultaneously insulting and scaring the shit out of the American people?

Of course you don’t, since apparently no Republicans remember it either, preferring instead to pretend the hideous […]

The Birthermercial: The Worst Thing To Happen To Birthers Since Orly Taitz!

Just when you thought the whackjobs and weirdos behind the Obama birther movement couldn’t stoop any lower than trusting a Russian-born California real-estate agent-attorney-dentist to lead the feverish charge against the illegitimate presidency of Kenya’s own Barack Hussein Obama, out comes a new birther infomercial. The world’s first-ever birthermercial!

Yes, my friends, for the bargain basement […]