Fox News’ Surgeon General Warning: No Chubbies Allowed!

Everyone knows Fox News is a beacon of light and truth, held to the highest standards of journalistic excellence. Which is why it is up to the most “fair and balanced” news station around to cut through the bull and give the American people the real story, no matter the cost.

In what is no […]

Emperor Obama’s Health Care Complex

Remember that ever-cool President Barack Obama with his big words and booming voice who’s going to fix all the problems of the world if those defeatist Republicans would stop bummer-boning all his good ideas for achieving real progress in this country?

“This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics. This is about a health care system […]

Tennessee Cocktail: One Part Gun, Two Parts Liquor...All Disaster

State Senator Doug Jackson is a smart man. He knows how important the right to keep and bear arms is. It’s as American as apple pie! But what’s even more American is the right to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants, thanks to the hard work of national hero Tennessee state senator Doug Jackson, […]

Obama To NAACP: Rainbow Is The New Black

Notorious gay-ignorer President Barack Obama used his speech commemorating the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)’s 100th anniversary to finally give the Queers of Color some much-needed presidential love.

And to prove that, despite his refusal to act on such weighty matters as the right to get married, serve in the military without […]

Sen. Charles Grassley Still A Twitterin’ Fool

Republican Sen. and Twitter sensation Charles Ernest “Chuck” Grassley has taken to the Internets once again to spew nonsense at that terrible President Barack Obama for having the nerve to fix the nation’s health care system NOW instead of waiting indefinitely and letting it die a miserable death on the Senate floor, like Grassley and […]

Republicans Keeping It Classy Per Usual

Oh, nothing unusual. Just your average Republican Rep. from Kansas (where else?) Todd Tiahrt ranting against Obama’s health care plan with the airtight argument that if health care covered abortions, Obama’s mom might have aborted him.

Luckily, Todd understands what Obama and the rest of those socialist Democrats don’t–that low-income mothers of African-Americans, like President Barack […]

Treasury Department Seeks Clown For Hire

OMG, now this is just sad. But also slightly scary when you consider the fact this is the TREASURY DEPARTMENT for crying out loud! Aren’t these the same freakin’ people who are supposed to be getting us out of this economic meltdown? Well, they’re also seeking a clown. I wish I could tell you this […]

Don’t Mess With This Alaskan Mama Bear

It is no secret that Mama Bear Sarah Palin will do anything to protect her young from vicious attacks by stealthy predators like twisted talk show hosts, pathetic, hate-spewing bloggers, and even washed up ex-boyfriends/baby daddy’s who won’t keep their big trap shut!

Palin loves mama bears so much that after a visit with wildlife biologists […]

Is This Really What’s Best For Alaska?

Lovable Alaskan ice goddess Sarah Palin may not be governing her fair state anymore, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care what happens to the good people of Alaska. You betcha!

So, despite Miss Palin’s affinity for wearing a trough full of makeup, (‘cept when she goes “totally icognito” for a run), the mysterious goo spotted […]

Mark Sanford Disappearing Faster Than South Carolina’s Job Rate

South Carolina heartthrob Gov. Mark Sanford skipped a meeting with a top economic adviser and instead headed out of state to spend some quality time with the one woman he hasn’t been secretly doing, his lovely wife Jenny!

Now, normally I’m all for a little one-on-one time with the wifey, especially after hubby Mark’s tearful confession […]