A Handy New How-To Wingnut Guide For When The Big Bad Government Comes For Your Innocent Guns

What do you do when some filthy criminal (Black/Liberal/Jew/Mexican/etc) breaks into your house and tries to steal all your God-given guns, Glenn Beck approved gold coins ‘n other precious stuff??

Why, you pick up one of your 99 trusty shotguns decoratively adorning various shelves and cabinets around the house. Then you shoot that trespassing motherf**ker full […]

President Obama’s During-School Special On Teevee!

Soon, on Tuesday September 8th at 11 AM to be exact, President Barack Hussein Obama will take to the teevees of our nation’s classrooms for the sole purpose of indoctrinating the minds of America’s fragile youth with evil socialist beliefs.

Dangerous beliefs like the so-called “value of education” and “staying in school” and assorted other tenets […]

Obama Declares Jihad On America By Wishing Muslims A Happy Ramadan

Oh no Barry, anything but this! Please tell me you did not make a videotape offering “best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world and wishing them ‘Ramadan Kareem’ on behalf of the American people.”

The last thing you’re supposed to do as President of America is give people more reason to believe you’re […]

Barack Obama Celebrates His "Birthday"

Happy Birthday Barry, that is if you were even born and not immaculately conceived in the town of Bethlehem some two thousand years ago.

If it is indeed true that Barack Hussein Obama was actually birthed from the womb of his white Kansas mother as he claims and not hatched from a primordial egg in outer […]

New Poll Finds 58 Percent Of Republicans Are Actually Insane Birthers

It is no secret that the Republican Party is in the midst of a severe identity crisis. They just can’t decide who they are or what they want to be! Are they a proud group of fiscal conservatives with a healthy aversion to big, bad government? Or are they the party of kooks and wingnuts […]

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. For All Your Tooth, Shelter And Fraudulent President Needs

Orly Taitz, the busy, Russian-born, California real estate agent-attorney-dentist who’s also leading the “Birther” movement in its feverish charge against the illegitimate presidency of America’s first non-American president, migrant Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama, has taken her quest for truth and sanity to the GOP holyland, the Internets!

Taitz’ tireless efforts to expose Barack Obama as the […]

Barack Hussein Obama Fools The World!

The whackjobs and conspiracy theorists behind the Obama “birther” movement spend their days traipsing around the country bitching, moaning, and filing lawsuits against Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal presidency based on the figment of their imagination that Barry was born in Kenya and not Honolulu as his birth certificate would like you to believe.

Also involved […]

And The Winner Is…A Name We Can’t Pronounce Anyway

Iranians streamed into polling stations on Friday to decide whether they want their country run by the same ranting hard-line conservative with a penchant for Banana Republic jackets they’ve had to listen to for the last few years or a reformist who might not dress as smartly but has a definite upside in that he […]

The GOP’s Got Talent!

Back To The Future: Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Palin

With only one thousand-ish days before the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican field is brimming with talented potential candidates who can’t wait to lose another election for the Grand Old Party.

No, no you’re not having a Bill Murray Groundhog Day moment. This fresh-faced crop of Republican hopefuls features […]

The GOP’s Suicide Mission Does Not Include Colin Powell

In case you didn’t get the memo, former Secretary of State Colin Powell is still a proud member of the Grand Old Party. But there are some people who just don’t think Mr. Powell is Republican enough.

Never mind his 20-year record voting solidly with Republican candidates or serving as the first African-American chairman of the […]