Living Up To His Nickname, John "Good Timing" McCain Praises Economy, As U.S. Markets Implode

For some reason, the party-pooper Obama campaign is all hot and bothered by some dumbass comments McCain made today about the “fundamentals of the economy being strong,” during a townhall meeting in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, McCain, who is trying to alter the perception that he is “out of touch” with the average American, decided to praise the […]

McCain's Maverick Myth

What happens when a one-time maverick decides to run for President of the United States? For GOP presidential hopeful John McCain, the answer is obvious: The Maverick Must Die!

Let’s take a look at the some of McCain’s best Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde moments on the campaign trail:

On President Bush’s Tax Cuts:

Old McCain: “I cannot in […]

Bubba Has Seen The Future…And His Name Is Barack Obama

For everyone who is feeling a tad nervous over the recent McCain/Palin surge in polls and is ready to just hand the election over to those God-loving, freedom-preserving Republicans, do not despair!

Hope is on the way–and it comes in the form of a 62-year-old former U.S. President turned political prophet, William Jefferson Clinton.

Affectionately known as […]

In First Interview, Palin Proves She Can Look Good, Pronounce Big Words, And Perhaps Kill You

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin has finally emerged from her self-imposed sequester to make her unscripted network television debut with ABC’s Charles Gibson, lucky winner of the “Who Gets To Pop Palin’s Prime-Time Press Cherry Sweepstakes?”

So how did our favorite li’l gun-toting Alaskan fare in her first real media interview?

Well that depends. She looked pretty hot in […]

Democrats Grow Some Balls; Go On Offensive Against Republican Attacks

“Oh No, He Didn’t!”

Awwww snap!! After many “holier-than-thou” months of taking the high road and refusing to engage in personal attacks, Obama finally put the smack-down on McCain-Palin during a town hall meeting in Virginia on Tuesday.

Republicans, naturally, were outraged by Obama’s vicious remarks and demanded an immediate apology from the inexperienced, woman-hating, Muslim version […]

The Media’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Against John McCain….According To John McCain

McCain’s sudden cancellation of an interview with Larry King is only the most recent, and most widely publicized, example of the bitter divorce between McCain and the national news media, a group he once so affectionately referred to as his base.

Citing an “out of line” interview between CNN’s Campbell Brown and McCain’s spokesman Tucker Bounds, […]

Sarah Palin Is On A Task From God

That Sarah Palin sure is something. For the last few weeks, the fearless moose hunter and Alaskan Governor has “gone underground,” issuing a full-scale media blackout while she learns key VP skills like how to speak without using a teleprompter and answer questions that have not been pre-scripted. And believe me, preparing the […]

Proving She Can Hang WIth The Big Boys, Gov. Palin Lies, Gets Away With It At RNC

It’s common knowledge that politicians will occasionally stretch the truth in order to suit their agenda. Less common is when a politician takes the truth, and douses it with gasoline and 100-proof alcohol before blasting it with an industrial-grade blow torch.

Which is exactly what happened when Gov. Palin attempted to prove herself as a reform-minded, […]

Sarah Palin: The Lipstick Wearing Pit Bull Unleashed!

While the media wets itself gushing over Sarah Palin’s science bashing, life-loving, anti-elitist speech to the RNC last night, the public finally got to see and hear exactly what it is the Republican’s VP candidate stands for.

Let’s see if we got this right…

Palin loves America, hockey moms, pit bulls, lipstick, unborn fetuses, special needs children, […]

Gov. Palin Thrilled To Be Grandma; VP Not So Much

This is almost too easy. After months and months of bashing Obama on his so-called lack of experience, McCain and his crack-squad team of advisers decided to go ahead and nominate perhaps the single most unqualified vice-presidential nominee in history.

With just 20 months of experience under her belt as […]