GOP Looks To Bobby Jindal To Prove They’re Down With Brown, Too

What Can Brown Do For You?

The Republicans will rely on their own token minority poster boy Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to deliver the much-awaited GOP response following President Obama’s first address to Congress on February 24.

Republicans are hoping their own young, chocolate-hued darling will counter the perception that the GOP is nothing more than a […]

Mike Huckabee Loves God Too Much To Support Comrade Barry’s Assault On Religion

Everyone knows Comrade Barry’s $828 billion stimulus package is just part of the Democrats’ grand master plan to transform America into Soviet Russia.

But did you know the stimulus bill hates God? Well it does. And if you support it, you obviously hate God too.
Just ask former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. He knows all about the […]

Barack Obama Confuses America With Clear Answers And Thoughtful Responses

Well, well if it isn’t Mr. Money Bags Barack Obama acting all presidential with his $838 billion stimulus bill to save America. You know the one that’s gonna create or save 4 million jobs and help reverse the damage done by letting a bunch of morons who cry pork or earmark every time money is […]

Obama More Popular Than Stimulus Bill And STDs, Congress Not So Much

Cheer Up Barry, Compared To The Stimulus, You’re A-Okay!

Alert the presses America! A new poll is sending shockwaves across the nation with some startling findings. Brace yourself for the surprise of the century: President Barack Obama is more popular than his stimulus bill!

Are you still breathing? I know it’s hard to believe, but a full […]

Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Being Too Perfect

Smile If You’re Insane!

Giraffe-necked darling of the right Ann Coulter is reportedly under investigation for being her usual ray of sunshine self, this time for her not-at-all sketchy attempt to register to vote in Connecticut while already being registered to vote in New York.

Which should come as a real surprise from the original long-legged poster […]

Are You There God? It's Me, Harry

Living On A Prayer

Please, please God, let this stimulus bill pass so for once I don’t look even more like the impotent, wisp of a senate majority leader everyone thinks I am.

I’ve tried my very best to make dear leader Obama proud. I even let Rahm Emanuel follow me around all day like a smitten […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

After weeks of playing it cool, listening to Republicans squawk about earmarks and pork all while keeping a straight face, President Barack Obama decided enough is enough.

It is time to tell the Republicans what he really thinks. It’s not that he hates them or thinks they’re bad people or anything. Just that when it comes […]

Fear Not America! Fox News Won’t Let Comrade Barry Turn US Into USSR

Thank God for true American heroes like Fox’s Glenn Beck.

If it wasn’t for fearless patriots like him, who would be there to alert the public about Comrade Barry’s socialist revolution and his deviant plot to turn America into the new Soviet Union?

No one.

If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck’s watchful eye, before you know […]

The Gospel Of Dick

God, I’ll miss this man. It’s only been two weeks, yet I almost forgot how lovably delightful our former vice president can be.

Like in the latest interview, where Dick spreads his usual sunshine and good cheer by predicting the catastrophic end of days all because America decided to elect some terrorist-loving socialist as its leader.

The […]

Isn’t It Ironic?

Too bad the rest of Washington doesn’t understand that for Tom Daschle, a penny saved is a penny earned, tax-free of course.

He didn’t drive that old Pontiac clunker around for 15 years so the fat cats in Washington could steal his hard earned money and spend it on BMWs and limousine chauffers.

It’s not that he’s […]